Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Why should you buy a Nexus device?


  •  There may be time when you see your friend buy an expensive phone and crib about it being laggy or slow. So what can be the alternative to all these "laggy phones"?
  • There may be time when you see your friend crib about latest android version not provided by their OEM. So what can you do in that scenario?
  • There may be time when your friend buys a phone which is available just in your country. It does not sell globally. And his phone develops some problem, And he comes to you to solve his problem. You try searching for the solution to that problem on Google. But his phone being a local one, not much support is available from  developers. Hence no relevant solution is available to you (Just limited solution by your local developers can be found). So what will you do in that scenario? [I am not at all saying that local community is not much helpful or active, just giving readers an idea of what they would be missing].
So what can you do, if you are stuck in above scenario? Not much. Because your friend has already done a mistake on his part to not buy a nexus device. But you can help your self by not doing that mistake.

So I would be writing in this post about why you should buy a nexus device. You would be thinking from where has this sudden love for android has awaken. But let me tell you it was already there. Before it was just limited to me, as I didn't wanted to force my love on everyone. But I have seen many people who don't know about nexus devices, their plus points, why they should prefer nexus devices above local manufacturers. Yes! believe me such people still exist. All they know is nexus devices are made by Asus/Lg, and the companies making them are not so famous or have bad customer support. But let me tell you that, along with Asus/Lg, nexus devices also have major connection with Google. By major I mean they provide the software for these phones. And till your bad customer support is concerned, I think these are global companies, so they ought to have nice support. Atleast better than what your local device maker is providing. Sometime slip ups occur from their part too. But that can be tolerated till you want an "proper" Android phone.

So, why should you buy an android phone?

  • Want to get Android updates quickly - Google providing software for your phone means they will keep you updated with whatever they release. So if you want to get android update quickly than you should not think beyond nexus devices. If you want a phone 
  •  Want to feel real Android - By real, I mean unadulterated form of android. Currently all OEM's are adulterating android by adding software from their part. Samsung adulterates android with their laggy TouchWiz, HTC does same by adding HTC sense. So you buy an nexus device, all you get with it is android. Nothing else. You are just provided with pure/Vanilla form of android.
  • Want a Cheap, yet quality phone -  Nexus devices are cheap as compared to other phones that provide similar hardware. All nexus devices are not so cheap (in all countries) but are quality products. And increased prices in some countries can be attributed to many reasons including tax, importing cost etc.
  •  Want to get Developer Support - Nexus devices are known for being developer friendly. And being a Google product, there is ought to be a global presence. And this results in plethora of developers striving hard to get you something different and better than what other devices are offering.
You have any other points to  include here or don't agree with any of my points here than do comment below. It will just make us both more wise.