Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Unusually Awesome Tools For Android

            Android is and will always be remembered for the applications and the levels of customization it provides. Application is something that is offered on other Operating System as well but what makes android different from other Operating Systems is that it provides apps that can make a difference to the way you use your phone and the way your phone behaves with you (Ofcourse I am talking about the apps which helps you control your processor, your cores, improves your user interface and improves your overall experience in using your phone. For this you'll have to root your droid, to know what do I mean by rooting, click me and here are the apps that will help you realize worthiness of rooting your droid, to know more about such apps click here). There are many android tools which will make you switch from an Apple device. This apps will let you help in many ways, there are some WiFi managers, app which will let you find some better apps according to the categories, some WiFi app which will help you manage your WiFi passwords, Some apps which will let you access sites which are restricted in your country. So this post is going to be an interesting one if you wish to continue reading. The apps mentioned here are tools which are very much unusual and helpful, many sites write about keyboards or some common apps that have very high downloads or are trending currently (yes, Its not wrong, but why read about apps that you know about already. So I am writing some apps which are remotely known to you. And definitely make you fall in love with it.

If you are low on time and want to hurry with the app name and link here it is. This is the short list of the apps which are explained in detail in post below -

The same apps are explained in details below, so that you can decide here itself about installing this apps.

Fing is the ultimate toolkit for network management, It has become one of my favorite app in recent time as it lets me know which devices are using my wireless network at a particular time. It is without any doubt the best app which lets you know who else is hogging your bandwidth.
Fing is a network discovery tool that finds devices connected to your network. It also features several networking utilities. Even though it's free, its developers aren't stingy with the feature set. - PCMAG 

Fetch is a app which will suggest you apps. It will help you in shortlisting or finding apps which are similar to apps which you have installed. Along with it, It will help you shortlist apps according to different categories like trending, most downloaded, top apps, top ranked, top rated, Fetch picks etc and yes it even sorts between paid and free. And it will let you follow some categories/feeds, so when new app is added you will know about it. So you can be sure that you are guaranteed to get some surprise, as you will definitely get some app which you would have believed never existed. So basically this is a app which will introduce you to other top apps in playstore.

Fetch gives you pretty much everything you might need in an app-discovery application. It offers a rich vein of filters and search functions which mean finding a list of great new apps and games is available in just a few seconds. I strongly recommend to anyone to check this app out; it’s powerful, user friendly and completely free, so definitely try it out. - AndroidTapp

Some times when many WiFi routers are using same channel to transmit signal it will lead to congestion and reduction in speed. So it is always recommended to be on a channel which is least crowded. So how will you know which channel is less crowded? This app will help you. It lists all the WiFi signal around your phone and sort it according to the channel it is using. So you can know which channel to use to get optimum bandwidth.
WiFi Analyzer offers five different ways to view wireless channels (some more valuable than others): Channel graph, Time graph, Channel rating, AP list, and Signal meter. To quickly switch between views, simply swipe left or right on your screen. Unfortunately, the different views are not labeled, so at first, it will probably take you a few minutes to figure out exactly what you're looking at. The app is not terribly difficult to use, but it does take some time to orient yourself. - CNET


DroidWall is an easy solution to save your data plan. As we all know, there are many apps which consist of advertisements. This ad can not only hinder with your data plan but may also compromise your privacy. So its better to use this app to block data usage by some apps which consume your data plan and may affect your user experience. So this app is like a firewall for your droid which won't let that app to use any bandwidth from your data plan. This app requires ROOT.

The privacy and security benefits of DroidWall are comparable to desktop PC firewalls and justify the effort it takes to root your phone. - Techhive


This app don't do some black magic through which you will start receiving great download or WiFi speed. Only thing this app does is, it will just change your phone WiFi's sleep cycle so it will search for better signal more times than it would do without boost offered by this app. Just think of it as you want to gain some weight, So you will increase the amount of morsels you eat everyday, just because you want to increase some weight (I know its gross example, but this was the only thing that striked me while writing this post :P). So this app also works in same way, you want strong WiFi signal, you hit boost button. It will increase the frequency through with which it scans for signal ( In the same way as your weight gain example). Hence by more scanning, you get more strong signal.
[ This app worked for me 2 times out of 5 times I tried it, hope it works in your phone]


There are times when your USB cable is not able to connect with your PC or laptop (Happens with me every time) or you don't have access to USB cable at particular moment. What will you do to transfer media files or any particular files from mobile to computer and vice-versa. This app comes to your help at that time. This app let you access your mobile from your machine, you just need your mobile and machine to be on same LAN network. It let you access your entire phone through web browser on your machine, including messages and contacts and even find your phone. So this can be your go to app if you are in trouble with your USB cable. 

This app will let you know the privacy quotient of the apps you have installed in your phone. This app categories your apps according to the privacy level and permissions it asks for. It also gives scores according to that apps. This app will help you remove potentially unwanted and high risk apps which can compromise your privacy or can harm your privacy. So this app is a must for anyone who likes to protect their privacy. 
Clueful provides helpful "clues" about Android app activity and potential security risks intended to let you decide whether an app is worth keeping or not. - PCMAG 

There are restrictions in many places about particular sites. So this app is a VPN (Virtual Private Network) which will help you connect to this site even if its restricted at your place. VPN service can help you to unblock regional internet restrictions, web filtering, bypass firewalls, and browse the web anonymously by tunneling all your internet traffic from your android device to their servers. This free app will let you transfer 100MB/day traffic. If you want to use more, then ofcourse you can subscribe to their servers. If your phone is below android 4.0 than you will have to root your phone to use this app.


How to measure that you are getting same bandwidth that you are told? This app lets you know the speed you are getting on your data plan. With this new version, Graphics have been enhanced many folds. This app is the best visual treat you can get from playstore among its competitors. This app lets you discover your Download, Upload and Ping.
Should you Download Essential app for checking your network mobile Internet speeds! - AndroidTapp


This app helps you to remove system apps (basically all that apps which are preinstalled, Sorry bad news for some people here! This app needs rooted phone) so basically it categories app according to its usefulness and notify us that removing particular app will lead to some damage or not. This app along with deleting system app also helps in app uninstaller, move app to SD card, move app to phone, apk on SD card scan/install/delete, rooting guide help.


WiFi Pass Recovery and Backup is not some type of hacking tool, which will let you recover password of your neighbor or some one else's WiFi. It just saves password of WiFi which you have connected to before. Sometimes it happens that you have once entered password of your neighbor's WiFi in your phone then you forgot about it till you format your phone or factory reset it. At that time you won't recollect their password and asking your neighbour again can be rude. So what can you do? This app can be useful here, it collects stored password from your phone. Then ask you if you want to backup it or restore it. If you backup your WiFi settings you won't need to ask your neighbor about it again. you can directly recover it from this app. The saved file will be saved on your SD card. So it would be safe  even in case you format your phone.