Friday, 9 August 2013

How to retrieve your device by using Android Device Manager?

         Now many of you would have known about Google android manager and even would have started using it. But for those who are still figuring out how to use or how to start monitoring your phone by Android Device Manager, then this post is for you. Many people would wonder how to use it and what function will it perform, at present it will let you ring your phone and delete/erase your data. Hopefully more features are added to it later. But releasing this feature Google has relieved us from using third party services. Many third party services are far better than what Google is offering right now. But we can be assured that Google will definitely not withdraw support to this app till it is made awesome. It uses Google's standard wireless positioning technology to locate your phone, but it seems to stop working if you toggle location services off in the settings menu. Positive thing about this feature is that it is compatible with android phones having android 2.2 or more. which is something nice considering last few Google services were incompatible with Gingerbread and lower android versions. So lets start our topic for how to start monitoring your device through Google Device Manager.

Step 1 :-

Go to 

Then you will get screen where you'll need to give access to android device manager to access your location. It will look similar to screen below.

Screen looking like image above will appear, just click accept and give access to Android Device Manager to access your location

Step 2 :-

Then it will attempt to contact your phone, to find its location.

It will look like image below.

Step 3 :-

After location of your phone is retrieved it will show you location of your phone. It will mention an accurate region in which you will need to find your phone. So you would know where and in which area you will have to find your phone.

Now you can ring your phone or erase data on your phone. Ring your phone is a nice feature for you, if you tend to forget where you kept your phone in your house and to your horror its on silent mode. If you log in to site and use ring my phone feature it will ring your phone and your phone will ring on max volume even if its keep on silent. So you can use this feature even if your phone is not stolen. To use erase data, you will need to activate this feature first on your phone. which is as simple as clicking an checkbox.

You can control Android Device Manager through your phone by going to Google settings on your phone, and accessing settings from there.
Google settings is will look like below, click it and access Android Device Manager.

Click Android Device Manager in Google settings, To access settings of Android Device Manager.