Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Saga of an Low End Android Phone user


                       There are many users like me who are on helm of low end android devices. People like me [ I am sorry, but I am going to narrate part of my story. About my experience with android] who were on Nokia bandwagon and have jumped onto android platform on the first available chance given to them, and are happy to have make a jump then to weep for apps and games used by their peers having android. Even if its low end or mid range android device didn’t mattered for someone like me at that moment because I was too eager to get on this awesome OS. I had read about various highly customizable rom on android before making the jump and I must tell you it was one of the most intriguing thing that I noticed about android at that moment. so I had made my mind about getting an android on any given opportunity. I knew that it would be impossible to get an high end phone at that moment because my old Nokia phone was just 7-8 months old. And asking for high end android phone had full possibility that I will be kicked out of house for this demand ( just an abrupt assumption Open-mouthed smile) and one of the main reason being added later that nobody from my friend or family had any positive thing to say about Samsung, And it can be valid point also, as Samsung phones are not (definitely not) meant  to be as sturdy as Nokia phones (And sturdy phones were one of the point user viewed while buying new phone). And during Nokia reign, Samsung was not at all trusted (at least not by people surrounding me). Then too I went with Samsung Android phone (Galaxy AceI or GT s5830i). And thankfully my father approved an android phone for me ( and I think article of mine from TeChNoGeeK published in magazine played an important role). I must say this phone seemed one of the awesome phone at that moment, but as I started using this phone more and more, I discovered that it is lacking something.

  • First thing I noticed was that Broadcom inc was manufacturer of chipset on my phone, and that company don’t believe in open sourcing its source code for chipset, so it makes it very much difficult for developers to make custom rom or make any customization for your phone [I learned this thing from developers for my phone on XDA]. So was extremely disappointed as I had an urge to try custom rom as soon as I get my hand on any android phone. but as company had policy about not sharing source code. developers were not able to make any custom rom. It just have some custom rom that too made by moding stock rom. I bet many people would have faced same scenario too. Believe me its heart wrenching to know, that purpose for which you bought an android is totally beaten and torn apart. [Your phone would be having chipset from some other company so this point can differ for you]
  • Next I noticed that major OEM’s are not at all interested in providing an update to their android version. As I had limited knowledge about android at that time. I used to curse all OEM's a lot on all social networking sites for leaving us mid way. but then some blessed soul on XDA made me realize that low end phones don’t have hardware that can support latest or even mediocre android version. so I thought it was useless blaming OEM’s for it now, it was my fault that I got this device if I was so much interested for getting an updated android version.
  • Next thing that I noticed that I got an ARMv6 processor and it had no support for any of the latest games available. so basically I had an android phone and I was not able to make any latest games work on my device. Be it subway surf or temple run or BIA or GTA. no games were supported. And I had to bear brunt of my friends for not installing these games. but I had no choice there. These games were not supported on my phone so had no choice apart from weeping while seeing my friend play subway surf.
  • Few of the these jolts came when Google announced Google Now,Google Keep, Google Wallet, Google Chrome for phones having ICS and above. Initially I thought that they had just made it available for ICS users but we will be getting it soon. but that wait didn’t seemed to get over any time soon. Then Google announced Google Now for iOS. That feeling was like, Google is rubbing salt on my deep wounds. They have not made these software’s available for people like me running Gingerbread. And they went out of their way to provide it to iOS. It might be having some economic or some kind of strategy from Google to have it made for Apple. but people like me who are keen supporter of android are very much hurt. If iOS gets all Google services, before majority of android phones does. Then there don’t seem any major reason for people to be loyal to android (please consider customization an reason too for buying an android but Google services are important part to consider too). As being an OS by Google,. Google services are the only thing that people with low end phone look forward too and make them feel important. as they are aware that they don’t have access to latest android updates nor any other support from their OEM’s. so its heart breaking for us to get rejected by Google as well.
  • If Google was not enough, we are not provided support by many of the top developers or many budding developers. GB phones have no support from many developers ( for example- there are many twitter clients like robird, tweetings, carbon , falcon pro widget and many more that are not supported on GB). So that is even more heart wrenching for us.

So what can an android user possible do about all this problems? Nothing we can do about all this problem. We can just crib about lack of these features. Nothing is going to change from this point of view of anyone. But as you’ll know there is no better medium then blog to vent your anger.