Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Download applications from Google play store directly to your PC

NOTE: This software is made by '' team or you can say 
bibovodanh from xda, I am just sharing it with you guys. All credits for this app should go to them for making this awesome software for us. Link to original post is here and if you want to visit xda thread of this app to clear your doubt from developer himself then click here.

              There may be time when you have crossed your data limit of your 3g/edge network on your Droid and you are desperately wanting some application or game. but as of now there is no way through which you can download application from playstore directly to your computer and then transfer it to your phone (this software uses android-market-api). I know you would be thinking about 4shared and other file sharing site through which you can download apk directly to your PC, but mind you all that application downloaded from there are not at all safe as uploader of that app can not be trusted as you don't know person as he can, it can be malware/bloatware/virus. so its better if you can find an software which downloads applications directly to your PC through playstore itself. This software is very much helpful if you are flash maniac like me who likes to flash each and every custom rom available for your phone. so when you go on flashing rom you have to install your applications again each time you flash new rom, yes I know you are thinking about titanium backup, appmonster and file expert which backups up your app on sd card but one thing you must remember is that developers keep on updating their app very fast so it can happen that backup of that application is old and update of that app has to be made everytime you install it. so isn't it nice if you can update .Apk file of app even when it is on your PC? yes, this software updates your app aswell whenever update is available it will update your app and store it on your PC. so after downloading apks of applications transfer it to your droid and install it, so whenever you flash new rom you will not have to worry about updating all your apps. Name of this software is Real APK leecher.  It is java program made for your PC.

So I will explain to you in easy steps how to make it work on your PC (Will explain it as developer has done it on his site, will try to simplify it wherever possible)

Step 1:

Download Real APK leecher on your PC from here. It will be in zip file format
Extract (with winzip or any extractor you have installed on your PC) it to any drive on your PC.

Step 2:

There will be Real APK leecher application in folder that will be extracted, click it.

New window will open which will probably look like this one

Enter email address and password of Gmail account you have access on your phone.
For device id- open dialpad on your droid and enter *#*#8255#*#*, new window will open which  will look like window below, device id is marked in red, enter it. check it many times as it is the main cause that can give you error if you enter it wrong (as mentioned by developer), If you are on tablet that doesn't support calling function you won't be able to dial *#*#*8255#*#* so for knowing your device id you can install Device ID app from playstore, to get device id of your tablet.

Then select directory where you want your downloaded applications to be kept, and also select default folder where your applications will be downloaded so it can scan applications about available updates from playstore so it can be updated.

Step 3:

After software is installed it will open as it is shown below.

Search applications you want to download and when software is displayed right click it and select download.


P.S: This software doesn't support payment option so if you want to download paid app you have to go to playstore pay for the software and then download it from this software.
care should be taken that Email, password should be of the account you have logged in in your droid. Device id also should be of the same phone/tablet.

I have tried explaining in simplest manner possible, if you feel any problem in installing it, write below in comments or on developer's xda thread mentioned above, will try to solve it or will forward it to developer.