Sunday, 6 January 2013

How to view easter egg in Jellybean?

zombie art
zombie art in Gingerbread
          In Gingerbread those tapping repeatedly on android version in settings, were greeted by 'Zombie art' by John Larson Android continued this tradition with Honeycomb were person tapping android version were greeted with 'bee'. In ICS people were greeted by image of an android robot dressed in Icecream sandwich,which grows in size when you long-press it until it transforms into a Nyan Cat-style animation. Android has continued this tradition with Jellybean where person tapping on Android version were greeted with a bean and when it long pressed it, you're presented with a game that encourages you to flick candy around a gravity-less location.

droidgyaan easter egg
Easter Egg

So how can you get Easter egg in your jellybean device?

1)  Goto settings

2)  About phone 

3) Tap repeatedly on Android version

android version
see image to know where to click

4) Bean will appear,long press it

5) You can flick beans around a gravity less location.

This is not some great feature, but you can definitely say that care has been taken to look into small details of all android version. These feature is not something big thing where you can compare it with something, else but care has been taken to add something extra to your favorite operating system. 
I know it is little late to publish this post, and most of you would be knowing about it as well but I came across many people who were not able to recognize Easter egg, so I thought of writing it.

video by intomobile.

(Some points are taken from engadget, just with intention to give you best knowledge about that particular thing)