Wednesday, 19 December 2012

How to Backup Contacts on Google (Android only)

              Android provide us with wide range of software, some are very useful while some are hardly used by us in our day to day life, there are many software that would help you take backup of your contacts. but here I am going to explain how to take backup on Google without any third party software.In this post I am going to give you method through which you can backup your contacts on Google. I know people who are already using android might be knowing this method ( and might feel that this post is waste, but people who are new on android should know what this OS is capable of.. and this might be helpful to many people who have just switched to android/ people who are not so much into phone so as to learn its each and every function). As we know android is one of the fastest growing  Operating system, so there is an steady influx of people from Nokia, Apple, Blackberry onto android bandwagon. so they might want to definitely learn a way to enjoy android without any hard work. Google is a giant company providing us with everything we need. so as android is one of the products of google, it provides us an way to store our contacts on its server. And having backup on Google means you are ought to get your data back in case of emergency (other companies provide cloud storage as well but Google is my favorite, so sorry had to write about Google). so without taking  more of your time let's start to backup our contacts.

Step 1

Ensure synchronization is active by tapping on " auto sync" on your notification bar (if its provided), if not then go to settings> accounts and sync> click on auto sync.
this step will sync all your contacts on your Google account. 

auto sync
select auto sync, option like above might be present  if your  notification bar  has that  option.

Step 2

Now your contacts are on Google, you can access, add, edit, modify or delete contacts present on Google account by visiting it will take you to your contact list ( but obviously after you have login on Google with the same account you have synced your contacts with).

optional (perform below steps only if you want backup copy on your machine otherwise ignore further steps)- Now to backup this contacts on your computer as well, instead of using any other third party software you can use this same contacts that you have synced on Google.

Step 3

Now to save backup of contacts on your Computer as well go to or you can access your contacts by going to from your browser.
so go to or from your browser.
if you are on click on "contacts" from upper left drop down menu (where gmail will be written).

Step 4

Click on checkbox in front of any contact you want to take backup of. Incase you want to take backup of all contacts, click on drop down option provided near checkbox which is above contacts name and select all.

Step 5

Click "More>Export" after you have selected the contacts. 

Step 6

Click Google csv format.
And click "Export".
your contact data will be shown in your download section of your browser.


      If you feel above method is confusing please let me know in comments, I have tried my best to explain it in easiest manner possible and explaining basic things too. If you still find it difficult please let me know.