Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Samsung VS Apple

               When we consider phones to buy we are literally spoilt for choices. we have Apple,Blackberry,Htc,Samsung,huawei,Lg,Motorola,Nokia etc.. but when we consider phones from top companies only apple and Samsung comes to our mind,even statistics say the same. so what makes Samsung and apple be at the top of the chart? the hardware of the device or the internal features? obviously for Samsung it would be Android that has taken them to top of the table....but will it be right to say that only because of android Samsung has been at the top of the chart? because Android is not the sole property of Samsung, because as Samsung there are many other companies that are using android OS then to they are not at the top of table.In the same way apple is not on top just because of its operating system but because they have hardware that can work in tandem with its operating system. so when you go for buying an phone what should you think before you buy phones from Samsung or Iphone?

           Android phones as we all know are open source, so your device is in complete command of you. you can control the speed of your processor ( you can even blow up your device if you increase your processor speed more than what it can sustain),you can control what you want to see and where you want to see it( i.e. you want to store it in phone memory or memory card),you get to use widgets (An application, or a component of an interface, that enables a user to perform a function or access a service. In simple way widget lets you to view the content of that software without actually opening that software). Android can let you completely remove the  operating system of your mobile and replace it with something user defined.And you get this feature in Android just because it is open source and you will get upto 200000 lac application in its playstore. I am not saying that android is best go and buy just an android phone, I just want you'll consider this points before you go for any other operating system( i.e. bada, Symbian,windows or blackberry OS).

       And if you consider apple devices, iphone is best among all's Ios is the best its interface is great ,it doesn't lag much,its user interface is great. In android there comes a time when your application starts crashing but I doubt if it ever happens with Ios.And main thing that you can go for apple is apple never forget its past devices,you are ought to get updates on your phone even if it becomes outdated among your peers.And not to forget we can't forget Ios one of the great innovation by STEVE JOBS.

Next thing that can make a difference in your choice is their USER INTERFACE
   Samsung with its touchwiz cannot match user interface of Ios, 
                                                                     ios 5


user interface of Ios

touchwiz 4.0 review by
           I am currently using touchwiz 3.0 and have tried user interface of Ios 4, after using both I can surely say that even if Samsung would have made many changes in touchwiz 4.0 they can't make it as flawless and as fast as in Ios(considering that device have lot of games and software installed so as to make it slow,then you will know which one is better).
           Samsung is the company which is already trying hard to maintain itself on number #1 position,you can say so because company is trying very hard to give varieties of products. you don't want to buy phones with large screens than Samsung will take care of that, if you want phones with smaller screens then also Samsung will take care of it, if you want to buy an tablet then also Samsung will take care of it,you want to buy an cheap phone then also Samsung will help you, if you want to buy an cheap phone without android then also samsung is there to help. basically Samsung is there in each and every covers your all needs gives you enough choices. And what about apple? it does give us choices (then to not much choice you get) but its all choices are expensive to afford. 

so for me Samsung will be the winner till I can't afford Iphone. As android is customizable and also gives us command of our phone but at this point I don't want to control my phone I want to use the applications,softwares and my phone to its optimum level so I would can recommend you to go with Iphone.
We can say Samsung is an substitute till you can't afford an Apple product.

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